Understanding roulette etiquette

By: Ruben Frazier    



There is unspoken rules in casinos and roulette games that players must follow for common courtesy. They are not regulations that involve what you can and cannot do in roulette games, they are simply regarding behaviour at roulette tables and what is expected of players as appropriate behaviour.

Common roulette etiquette
The game begins at betting, as does the etiquette of playing roulette. The bets can only be placed once the dealer has requested that players now choose the bets they wish to place. Once this period of time is given by dealers, bets cannot be placed after the dealer has announced this time is over.

However, there are rules that apply to individual casinos that should be adhered to, for example clothing and dress code should be checked before attempting to go into a casino. Once inside the casino you should conduct yourself in the appropriate manner and not bother other players during game play. If you intend to ask another player about playing roulette you should do so in a polite manner and refrain from asking them whilst bets are being taken or a game is in play.

Bets that are placed by other players should not be touched; only the dealer may touch bets or winnings. In order to not complicate the taking of losses and handing out of winnings players should refrain from touching any bets or attempting to make bets at this time.

Social etiquette is a big part of roulette as the game can be far more pleasant if you and the fellow players can enjoy the social interaction. Therefore, there should be no outbursts of emotion at yourself or other players winning or losing, to refrain from making others feel uncomfortable.

Etiquette in relation to casinos
The first big rule about playing roulette in casinos is to be careful with your beverages and attempt to not bring food to the table. Most casinos will fine anyone who does and spills any on the roulette table.

When placing bets, the coins should be placed on which bet you are intending to make rather than tossed or thrown at the board. If there is no chance of reaching the board and the bet you intend to make, the dealer should be informed.

Dealers are to be tipped out of common courtesy; this however, is usually prohibited in European casinos and not required. However, in American casinos it is usually allowed; this should be researched or asked before attempting to tip any dealer. The tip should be a fair amount in relation to your winnings.

Once the dealer has declared the winning number, no one should touch any chips. Nor should players attempt to collect winnings until all winnings have been paid to the players. This removes the chances of stealing and cheating, by those who may take other player's chips. This also removes any confusion that may occur.

As well as food being prohibited at tables, so are all electronics. Especially the use of cameras and phones that may irritate or interfere with other players and game play. The only allowed items are chips you are using for your bets, the money to buy the chips and any beverages you may have. Any other items are not allowed on the roulette table.

The best thing to remember when playing roulette is to be polite and respectful to the dealer and those around you. For more information on specific etiquette for specific casinos, you should check their websites or ask when entering the casino to know any dress codes and restrictions that apply.


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