Roulette Game | why is this simple gambling type so popular

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Roulette Game | why is this simple gambling type so popular

Roulette Game | why is this simple gambling type so popular

Roulette is considered King of the casino gambling word. It has proven to be a game that has continued to rise in popularity, and provide entertainment for various kinds of casino goers. The new technology of online casinos has seen it continue to dominate the casino world, allowing players to experience a realistic casino game from their living rooms. With further enhancements, and software that continues to improve game play, Roulette shows no signs of becoming unpopular any time soon.

Brief History
Beginning in France, roulette has made its way from a briefly mentioned game to one that was soon seen travelling around the entirety of Europe. It quickly become a firm European gambling favourite, until it was eventually banned in all places except Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is still a popular city for gamblers to visit, and Roulette still dominates the casinos there even today.

Roulette took a little more time to reach America, but when it did it followed in the same suit of become a roaring success. Americans adapted the Roulette wheel (accounting for the two distinct variations in the gaming wheel that we know today) and just like it had done in Europe, Roulette found a place in one city predominantly. Las Vegas was Roulette’s final stop, where it has continued to stay popular today. Las Vegas is America’s equivalent to Monte Carlo, and both cities provide worldwide acknowledgement for being the best cities for gambling.

Now, in an era where everyone has a computer, or a laptop, Roulette has had to adapt again. In doing so, it has fast spread, to become a firm internet favourite. Variations of the game (as well as the classic american roulette and european roulette) have cropped up in different online casinos, and some websites even provide places for players to enter Roulette tournaments. Roulette does not look set to lose the title or the crown of King of casino any time soon.

Overview of the Game
The rules of Roulette are fairly simple. The basic rules are to place a bet on the number you think the white ball will land on, when the Roulette Wheel has stopped spinning. The bets can be varied, and can either be a single number, a column or set of numbers, or a chance to bet on simple red, black, odd or even. The bets are called ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ bets, depending on where they are placed on the Roulette table, but ultimately the little white ball decides the winning bets.

As mentioned before, there are two types of Roulette; American and European. The difference between the two is in the wheels. The european roulette wheel has 36 compartments, ranging from 0 to 36. The american roulette wheel has 37 compartments, as there is a double zero compartment. This is the main difference between the two versions of the game, the basic rules stay exactly the same. Most casinos will offer both variations of Roulette for casino players to enjoy.


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