3-Reel Slots: The popular slots type explained

By: Ruben Frazier    

The popular 3-Reel Slots game active

3-Reel Slots game

Slot machines in land casinos are undeniably the most common and famous casino game throughout the world. The 3 reel slot machines are the original and classics slot machine, the same as the first slot machine ever invented. 3 reel slots have progressed and advanced, especially with the addition of online casinos, and remain a firm favourite for land and online casino players. 3 reel slots now include multiple pay lines, bonus features (such as instant wins), and times when multiple coins can be used as wagers.
How to Play 3 Reel Slots
3 reel slots are single player games, and are not influenced by a dealer or other players, like most casino games. Players dictate how and when the machine will spin the 3 reels. There are no complex rules to playing these 3 reel slots, the aim is to simply align three matching symbols in a row. With reels that have one pay line, this will mean matching the three symbols that are in the centre line. With multiple pay lines, the player’s choice of pay line becomes the line to watch and bet on for a reward. Multiple pay lines on a machine will allow more chances of winning, with the same simple rules.

 3 reel slots are intended to be easy for everyone to play, allowing players of all skill levels, or first time casino visitors to enjoy the popular game. Online casinos provide many variations of these class slots, with entertaining graphics to keep players entertained. There is guaranteed to be a 3 reel slot machine suited to every individual situated in at least one of the online casinos. They allow players to experience these games from the comfort of their own homes, rather than travel to a casino.    

There are many online casinos that provide themed 3 reel slots for people to enjoy, and are designed to stop people from being bored, though slot machines never really need much concentration or attention, unlike other casino games.
Other Information for When Playing 3 Reel Slots
Depending on the theme of the 3 reel slots, the symbols will vary, sometimes even numbers will be used. Be aware of the variety of symbols and the winning variations before playing the slot machine. These will also help to calculate pay outs in return for bets made.

Often, the more bets made to these 3 reel slots, the more open lines are available for multiple line game play. The bigger you bet, the bigger the slot machine becomes to play with. Online players often have the option to just press a maximum bet button, opening up all the available pay lines on the slot machines provided.


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