7 (seven) reel slots explained

By: Ruben Frazier    

7 (seven) reel slots explained

7 (seven) reel slots explained

The classic style slot machines are based on the 3 reels, and were first invented at the end of the 19th century, by Charles Fey. The mechanical engineering of the slots meant that a lever and sensor controlled where the spinning reels would stop.

The revolution in technology and game software however, means that that we are now able to experience casinos online, and enjoy slots from the comfort of our own living room. The 3 reel slots have progressed from 5 reel slots to 7 reel slots, even reaching 9 reel slots. The more reels the slot machines has, the more symbols there are, meaning the more possible winning combinations there are.

Online 7 Reel Slots
Visiting online casinos provides the chance to play 7 reel slots, with an array of different themes and variations on the reels. Players can also choose the number of pay lines they participate in, as well as have the choice of 7 reels to play with. Online provides players with the opportunity to even get involved in online tournaments.
Slot machines have never required much attention and concentration, as they are based on skill and left to the machine to decide the outcome. In this case, computers and number generators will decide the symbols or numbers that the reels stop spinning at. Some casinos will offer the chance for players to play slot machines on autoplay, where even less concentration is required. The amount of money and frequency of when the reels are spun can all be altered.
The best advantage about 7 reel slot machines is the advantage that comes with them, in terms of pay outs. As there are more symbols, there are more chances of 3 or 5 symbol combinations. Knowing the winning combinations that are possible on each slot machine is a good tactic before playing, as they vary from machine to machine.
Originally 7 reel slot machines were difficult to come by, but their increasing demand and popularity has found them featured in many online casinos. These casinos will sometimes even offer the chance to play these 7 reel slots for free, as a ‘try before you buy’ type scheme. Allowing players to decide if they enjoy 7 reel slots or not.

More Information about 7 Reel Slots
There are many types of 7 reel slot machine games that can be found, frequently, in many online casinos and land based casinos. Lucky 7’s is the first game which is notoriously associated with 7 reel slots. The payouts with this game can be quite substantial, with 7 pay lines and 7 reels being used in this 7 reel slot machine.
There are also some 7 reel slot machines that can go up to 9 pay lines, and vary in maximum and minimum wagers taken. Essentially, some 7 reel slot machines will allow you to bet large amounts for each spin, increasing the amount you could potentially win.
7 reel slot machines are increasingly popular, and it seems they will stay as a favourite with online casino players.


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