Blackjack Switch Explained

By: Cecelia Calista    

Blackjack Switch Explained

Blackjack Switch Explained

There are many variations of blackjack that can be found online, one of these popular variations is known as 'blackjack switch'. Blackjack switch allows players to play two hands and 'switch' two cards from each hand to increase the chances of having a good hand, or even blackjack.

How Blackjack Switch Works
Blackjack switch is a more complex game that challenges those who regularly play blackjack. The game begins with the player being dealt two hands, which they must bet on. Players are then allowed to switch the two cards at the top of each hand, but must keep the cards first dealt. In games where the two cards equate to the same number, for example two hands that are dealt 10 and 5 there would be no point in changing. It is all about deciding whether or not a switch is worth being performed, in some cases this will be very obvious, and will produce a significant advantage.

There are often times when even having a good hand will not win. Being dealt two hands that you can manipulate gives an advantage to the players, there are some rules to regulate the advantage. In particular, a rule that balances the game is that if dealers reach 22, they will not 'bust' but simply tie with every player. However, they will not tie with those who have 'blackjack' and the players with 'blackjack' will win. The dealer's hand is therefore significant in the game of blackjack switch in advising whether or not your should switch.

The biggest difference in blackjack switch is that it is often advised to take the risk of hitting and go bust rather than try too hard to create good hands, this is all because of the dealer's rule that allows them to reach 22 and not go 'bust'.

Betting and Payouts
Each hand must have the same identical bet placed on it. The payout for blackjack switch however is significantly different to regular blackjack. Naturals (an ace and picture card) are only rewarded a payout of a ratio 1:1. Usually the ratio for blackjack works out at 3:2.

However, players will have the options of splitting and doubling down on their bets, as each hand is focused on independently, despite the identical bets placed initially. The end of the game ill compare the two hands completely separately against the dealer's hands. It is much harder to beat the dealer and usually results in ties because of the 22 rule that dealer's are given.

There are however, other advantages and bonuses from playing blackjack switch. Pairs, two pairs, three of a kind and four of a kind can be rewarded. These are rewarded when a side bet is placed, and the more unlikely the match, i.e. four of a kind, the bigger the reward ratio is, in this case a 40:1 ratio is a payout for a four of a kind. These side bets are often unlikely and increase the house edge. Despite this, they provide an intriguing twist on a familiar game.


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