Casino Cheat Caught Using Infrared Contact Lenses to Count Cards

By: Chris Woodgate     Date: 19th September 2013

Casino Cheat Caught Using Infrared Contact Lenses to Count Cards

Casino Cheat Caught Using Infrared Contact Lenses to Count Cards

A casino cheat was caught in the act using infrared contact lenses to count cards at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut it was confirmed this week.

Bruce Kaloshi, 54, from Summit, New Jersey, was arrested on Monday and charged with marking cards at the land-based casino with luminous ink that was only visible with the infrared contact lenses he was wearing so that he could count the cards and beat the house.

Allegedly, Kaloshi was also under investigation for using a similar technique to cheat the house at the L’Auberge Casino in Louisiana. He also has previous convictions for attempting to cheat a casino in Nevada, Illinois and Iowa.

Louisiana authorities stated that the methods Kaloshi had used to attempt to cheat the casinos was one of the most elaborate plans they had ever seen and it was fortunate Kaloshi had been stopped now before he stole any more money from the casinos.

Kaloshi’s scheme was so deceptive that he was only caught out when a Mohegan Sun Casino surveillance operator contacted state police detectives at 1.55am on Sunday after spotting Kaloshi, who had been blacklisted on a security bulletin, on security footage. The surveillance operator then reviewed the entirety of Kaloshi’s play and only when the footage was reviewed in black and white could she see that Kaloshi was marking the cards with the luminous ink visible on the black and white footage.

State police confirmed “The patron also admitted to us during questioning that he was in fact marking the cards and has done this at several casinos.”



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