Danish Casino Domain Sold for over $500k

By: Kelleigh Hallie     Date: 21st July 2010

Danish casino domain sale

Danish casino domain sale

A well sort after gambling domain, onlinecasino.dk has reportedly changed hands for $580,000, (£381,580) according to a report on the Business Wire website.

The sale, which is one of the largest sums paid for a gambling domain, took place on the 19th July and was purchased by an unnamed buyer based in Malta.

The high price paid for the domain is believed to be partly due to the relaxing of gambling laws in Denmark last June.

Earlier this year, slots.com was sold at auction for $5.5million (£3.6). The buyer in that deal was Bodog, who own a number of other commercial gaming sites.


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  1. easygamer

    Date: 26th July 2010