Bank Draft

Bank draft is a form of payment method used by online casinos where by the player instructs the bank where their money is held to pay the payee (in this case the online casino).

It is similar to a cheque payment and is used because it allows direct transfer of funds from the player’s bank account to the account of the online casino. It is also possible for the bank draft to be sent via email or it can be hand delivered if the player wishes to ensure there is no risk of the funds being hacked.

This is an attractive method of deposit for players because it allows the player to not have to resort to using a third party to transfer the funds, it allows the player several ways to actually send the bank draft to the online casino and the costs that are involved with shipping and processing the deposit are covered by the online casino.

Bank drafts are also quicker to process than cheques and a number of online casinos also offer a 15% bonus when the player uses a bank draft. 

Online casinos accepting Bank Draft as a deposit method