i-Slots | the more skillful slot variation

By: Ruben Frazier    

i-Slots | the more skillful slot variation

i-Slots | the more skillful slot variation

i-Slots are an entertaining alternative to the usual slot machines, providing users with a chance to become really interactive with their slot machine games.

What are i-Slots?
i-Slots are the newest craze to sweep casinos, they are a fantastically entertaining variety of slot machines that are only available online. i-Slots, unlike normal reel slot machines, require more skill and more strategy than typical slot machines.

The i-Slots have become a hybrid of skill games and the usual slot machine type game. They are intended to revitalise slot machines as we know them, and have become more of a game than just a dull and repetitive slot machine. i-Slots usually are played in rounds, with extra games added to each round to keep players entertained.

Like slot machines, i-Slots come in a variety of themes and games. Each one provides a storyline to follow, and progress is made as the reels continue to spin. Each game takes a different twist on the traditional slot machines, and adds its own character. Typically there are 5 reels in each of these i-Slots, and there can be a maximum of 15 pay lines per slot, giving a real variety in wagers, and potential pay outs.

The added bonus with i-Slots is the video clips and bonus rounds that require far more interaction than simply clicking spin, or pulling a level. They are a crucial part of i-Slots. Like any other normal game, your decisions make a real impact on the storyline and the progression of the game.

Rival provides the software to play i-Slots games, and they are becoming far more recognised as an entertaining alternative to the classic slot machines. There are a limited number of games currently, but the interest and popularity of i-Slots seems to indicate that they will be a continued revolution in the casino industry.

Why are i-Slots becoming so popular?
i-slots popularity can be explained simply as they are extremely entertaining. Most of the i-Slots games have a storyline to follow throughout the game play, and require players to make crucial decisions. Winning combinations of symbols do not just provide a payout but can also allow new videos and features to become unlocked, allowing players to affect the game play and storylines. As well as this, they provide reasons for players to continue playing, as the further you progress with the slot machine, the further your story progresses. i-Slots have essentially combined the classic platform video game, with the classic slot reel machines, producing an entertaining and interactive alternative to usual slot machines.


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