Playing internet blackjack

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Playing internet blackjack

Playing internet blackjack

There are a wide range of sites and software provided online for those wishing to play blackjack. Although, this means a variety of games are available, it can also be daunting. Finding a blackjack game that suits you is your first priority. The best way to check the perfect blackjack site for you, is to look at the various reviews for different sites.

A simple search for top websites will show you which is the top rated by users. Different factors will be taken into account, such as the skill levels that are best suited to the games they offer, bonuses that are offered and the general quality of the games provided. Reviews are the easiest way to narrow down your search for a game to play online.

Blackjack variations
Internet blackjack has attempted to remove the monotony of playing blackjack over and over again, by offering some variations to the usual rules. Some of these variations have even become popular in casinos, as well as on the internet.  

Some of the variations are Pontoon and Blackjack Switch. Blackjack on the internet also offers quite a few tournaments to take part in. It may be a good start to know the game of blackjack very well before participating in the variations, as the basics are needed to get to grips with these new takes on a classic game.

Pontoon is a common variation that is a favourite for online players. In Pontoon a big difference is you can double whenever you feel it necessary and can still hit after this.
As well as this, players must hit if your card total is 14 or below. However, this is usually the case in normal games of blackjack to increase your chances of winning, so is not much of a problem.

Achieving Pontoon is the same as blackjack, (a 21 with an ace and a picture card) giving you double your stake back as winnings. A Five Card Charlie is a variation in Pontoon that gives you a chance to win double your bet back, by simply receiving five cards without going 'bust'. This ignores the total of your cards or the dealers hand, simply achieving this means you receive a payout.

In regards to how this plays against the dealer, and the variations that come with playing against the house, the biggest difference is that all ties, the dealer wins. Usually, in normal blackjack this simply means you receive your bet back, neither winning nor losing. This includes if the dealer gets Pontoons, there is no 'standoff', the dealer simply wins. This also counts for if the dealer gets A Five Card Charlie.

Blackjack Switch
Another variation is Blackjack Switch. This allows you to have two hands to play at once. The biggest advantage of blackjack switch is that the second cards from each hand can be exchanged. This can often result in some great advantages, however, to balance the fairness of the game, there are some rules to balance the game.

The payout is even, and does not increase the amount like most online games and casinos do, so if you receive Blackjack, this simply means you receive your winnings back. As well as this, there are some rules for the dealer. Dealers do not 'bust' if they reach 22, they tie with all the players hands, except those who have achieved Blackjack.

Both Pontoon and Blackjack Switch provide some diversity for an already entertaining game, giving the chance to learn some new rules and variations, by spicing up the popular card game.


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