iPhone Dock Turns Your Mobile into a Vegas-style One-Armed Bandit

By: Chris Woodgate     Date: 22nd July 2010

One-armed bandit iPhone dock

One-armed bandit iPhone dock

A company from Wilmington, North Carolina has created a fun new iPhone dock that turns your handheld mobile into a mini one-armed bandit slot machine.

New Potato Technologies call their new product an “appcessory” as it is combined with an app that detects the Jackpot Slots dock for iPhone.

The actual app, which is free to download from the AppStore, has a number of realistic slots games, with spinning reels triggered by pulling the mini arm on the dock. Players can build up credits that can be exchanged for various prizes, although you will need over 50,000 credits to win the trip to Sin City. You can also join online tournaments with other players from around the world.

The  Jackpot Slots dock for iPhone currently costs $39.99 (£26.17), which doesn’t include shipping. What is also quite useful is that your iPhone will be on charge while in the dock, providing a secondary power source if required.

Find out more about the Jackpot slots dock here


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    Date: 26th July 2010