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Keno game

Random selection of number on a game of online Keno

The game of Keno has been around for an extremely long period of time historically, and has progressed into many other variations, such as the lottery, and the class bingo. Keno is fun for everyone being a favourite in casinos, and has now become popular to play in casinos online. Not only is it convenient to play, it also allows people to socialise with others that are playing in the same Keno lounges.

Brief Guide to Keno
Keno requires no skill, just random picking of whatever numbers players wish to choose. Players can pick up to 10 numbers to play, and they are usually 10 out of between 70 or 90 numbers, depending on the type of Keno you play. Keno can result in some very big payouts, if you match all 10 numbers.

Video Keno and online Keno has become a very impressive source of gambling on the internet, with many people playing the game. Keno’s simplicity has allowed literally anyone to play the game, for the chance of serious money, or simply for entertainment purposes. Keno adds a little thrill with the anticipation of waiting to see what numbers are picked out.

Keno Online provides players with a score card that will show the numbers they have picked, and compare them against a Keno board that has all the potential numbers that can be pulled out of the number generator. Keno usually picks around 20 numbers, out of the full potential of numbers, but of course only 10 can be matched completely out of these 20. The Keno Board will fill up as the numbers are called out and will light up the numbers. It is easy for players to recognise if their numbers are the winning numbers.

Playing Keno Online
Online Keno will sometimes have the numbers picked at the pace of the computer’s choice. In personal games of Keno, there are sometimes options to click on the Keno number generator to pick numbers. The Keno generator will have pre-determined the numbers, but will have graphics that are meant for entertainment purposes that will show the Keno being rolled.
Obviously, matching the ten numbers means the players will receive a jackpot when playing Keno. However, like other lotteries or bingos, Keno also provides smaller prizes for players. These can be given for various achievements, for example, some Keno games may reward players for getting, 9, 8, or 7 numbers. Some sites will even allow Keno players who receive nothing to win prizes.

Keno is an extremely popular game that many enjoy playing, both online and in land based casinos. Despite the simplicity, it is an intriguing and exciting game that does not require much strategy.


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