Man Sues BCLC For Denied Jackpot

By: Richard Chaso     Date: 27th July 2010

BCLC in dispute with gambler

BCLC in dispute with gambler

A 32-year-old addicted gambler from British Columbia, who asked to be part of his local casino's self-exclusion program due to his uncontrollable and destructive habit, is suing BCLC for allowing him to play and then refusing him the $42,000 (£27,000) jackpot when he eventually won.

According to Michael Lee's lawyer, his client requested to be banned from gambling in his local Chances casino in the state of British Columbia back in 2007. He repeatedly went back to the casino over the next few years and gambled with no opposition whatsoever, despite having joined their self-exclusion program. However, it may come as no surprise that, he was only asked to leave the casino when he won a $42,000 slot jackpot in January of this year.

Lee's lawyer commented: “He had a young family and he wanted to curb his gambling habits, so he signed up for one of these agreements. The only time the casino offered their so-called assistance to him was when he won the jackpot, when he was denied the prize and asked to leave.”

Joyce Ross is also suing BCLC as they allowed her to continue gambling at their casino despite also being part of their self-exclusion group. She ended up losing $330,000 (£213,000) during the three years from when she first asked for their help for addicted gamblers.

BCLC have yet to comment.


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    Date: 27th July 2010