Marvel Slots | the comic book casino games explained

By: Ruben Frazier    

Marvel Slots | the comic book casino games explained

Marvel Slots | the comic book casino games explained

Cryptologic are a well known leader in the world of online casino software. After acquiring the rights they needed, they set about creating slot machines that feature our favourite comic book heroes, causing an instant success among online casinos.

What are Marvel Slots?
Marvel slot machines are based upon the ever popular, and always reinvented comic book heroes that have been a part of our popular culture since the 1940’s. Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider and Spider-man are all marvel comic heroes that have an array of films, comics, and television programmes to signify their popularity. Now there are Superhero themed slot machines.

In 2005 Marvel slots really took off, and have become a popular favourite for slot machines players. Coinciding with the clothes, books, and recent box office success that Marvel comic book characters have had, Marvel slots have become another phenomenon to include in the ever growing franchise. All the favourite comic heroes can be found on the slot machines, allowing a variation of game play to occur. All kinds of bonuses and mini games are provided with these action packed slot machines. This clever twist means that Marvel slot machines has managed to keep casino players entertained, by reinventing the game of slot machines.

The Marvel slots are not just about big characters, they are also about big slot machines. The majority of Marvel slots are based on the comic book characters like X-Men and DareDevil, and have a massive 25 play lines. More traditional versions of the Marvel slot machines can be found, with the typical 3 reels 1 play line slot.
Types of Marvel Slot Machines

As well as the varying number of reels and play lines that can be found with our favourite superheroes, there are also progressive slots machines that are available to play. Marvel jackpots can be paid out randomly on occasions, sometimes they are set to pay out every few hours on a random spin, not necessarily one that achieves a line up of winning symbols. There are three distinctive jackpots that accompany these Marvel slot machines, starting with the Hero Jackpot, the Super Hero Jackpot, and finally the Marvel Jackpot which can pay out thousands.
Some online casinos even allow the comic book inspired slot machines to be played with free play, meaning that players sometimes do not even have to add their own money to include themselves in the progressive jackpot. Ultimately, Marvel slot machines are providing familiar entertainment in a new form, to add a fun and exciting twist to the already entertaining slot machines.
Since 2005 Marvel slot machines have become a firm favourite, mirroring the success the superheroes are having in other kinds of media.


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