New Playboy Casino Opens In Cancun, Mexico

By: Kelleigh Hallie     Date: 6th December 2010

New Playboy Casino Opens In Cancun

Playboy Casino Opens in Mexico

Playboy have opened a new gaming and entertainment establishment at the very popular Cancun resort in Mexico, and are planning on continuing to strategically place new venues around the world.

The 12,900 square foot casino reportedly cost Playboy Enterprises around $7.5 million (£4.79m). As well as the usual casino games of roulette, blackjack and poker, the Playboy casino has a big sports betting parlour that is expected to be very popular amongst its visitors, with sports such as soccer, American football, baseball and basketball, on offer.

As well as a casino, the venue boasts a restaurant and nightclub.

Playboy creator Huff Hefner said: “I am pleased to bring the Playboy Club to Mexico for the first time and to combine the sexy sophistication of the Playboy brand with the international allure of Cancun.

“With the opening of Playboy Club Cancun and the arrival of the Playboy Bunnies, nightlife there will never be the same!”

Around 1,500 women applied to be Playboy bunnies for the new casino, but only 25 lucky young women were chosen to be the face of Hefner's iconic creation.

CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Scott Flanders, said: "With the opening of this striking new venue, both Cancun residents and international visitors alike will now be able to experience the energy and excitement that the Playboy brand generates.

Flanders went on to say that Mexico is far from the end for Playboy's attempts at global domination, commenting: "By working with this calibre of strong local partners we have at Playboy Club Cancun, we will continue to grow our successful licensing and location based entertainment businesses around the world. We look forward to bringing the Playboy brand to life at additional Playboy venues in select global markets."


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