Playboy Casino Re-Opens in London's Mayfair

By: Chris Woodgate     Date: 6th June 2011

Playboy Casino returns to London after 30 year absence

Playboy Casino returns to London after 30 year absence

Hugh Hefner showed he has no intention of slowing down as he re-opened the London branch of his Playboy Club venture this weekend.

30 years after it initially closed down, the ‘adult’s playground’ venue re-opened with a sense of new life and vibrancy that suggested it’s been deeply missed from London’s social scene.

The venue has a casino, restaurant and has the trademark ‘Playboy Bunny’ waitresses ensuring customer experiences run smoothly. The London Playboy Club first opened in 1966, taking advantage of the swinging sixties vibe that was invading London at the time. This was six years after the first club was opened in Chicago in 1960.

It proved to be a very popular venue with A-list celebrities such as George Best, Sir Michael Caine and Jack Nicholson frequently seen enjoying their night and the atmosphere that the Playboy Club had to offer.

Unfortunately, in that very same year, Hugh Hefner’s business associate Victor Lownes was wrongly accused of irregularities in his business dealings by the British Gaming Authorities. Hefner sacked Lownes in an attempt to save the reputation of the Playboy Club in London but it was too little too late in the eyes of the British gaming authorities. The club’s licence was revoked and the London branch of the Playboy Club was shut down.

In what many feel was an undeserved absence, the Playboy Club’s return to the London social network has been welcomed with great anticipation. Hefner made the opening a spectacle that matched its hype. He was surrounded by the iconic Playboy Bunnies but remained close to his current fiancee Crystal Harris, whom he plans to marry on 18th June, 2011.

The night included some photo shoots of Hefner with his fiancée and the current Playmate of the Month, Anna Berglund. High profile models Noelle Reno and Zara Martin also put in an appearance. In a moment of magic, Victor Lownes also turned out for the event.

Judging by the opening night’s proceedings, the London Playboy Club is set to continue being just as popular as it was 30 years ago.


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