Property tycoon wants Ritz to wipe off £2m gambling debt

Date: 12th June 2015

Property tycoon wants Ritz to wipe off £2m gambling debt

Property tycoon wants Ritz to wipe off £2m gambling debt

A property tycoon who went on a wild gambling spree during a single night last February is fighting a legal case with Ritz Club casino to get his £2million debt written off.

The Ritz Club in Mayfair claims Safa Abdulla Al Geabury, 52, tried to settle the debt with a cheque for £2million. However, the cheque bounced when staff tried to bank it the following day.

The Ritz Hotel Casino Ltd, owner of the casino, is suing Mr Al Geabury at the High Court for the £2 million, plus more than £200,000 in interest that has accumulated on the debt.

Mr Al Geabury, a Swiss national, claims he should not have to pay a penny as he was gambling addict at the time he lost the money. He believes that the casino were well aware of that fact, but chose to ignore it.

At a pre-trial review the judge said: “The essence is whether Mr Al Geabury has a gambling addiction and the claimant’s knowledge of that.”

The full hearing is set for the end of this month.

The Ritz club has only just settled a case brought by Nora Al-Daher, whose husband is the foreign minister of Oman, She attempted to sue The Ritz Casino after losing £2million during a night in April 2012.


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