Sex Acts Caught on Cairn’s Casino CCTV

By: Chris Woodgate     Date: 31st August 2011

Cairn's Casino CCTV Footage Leaked

Cairn's Casino CCTV Footage Leaked

Police are investigating after CCTV footage from a Cairn’s casino in Queensland, Australia was leaked and showed evidence of bar room brawls and individuals performing sex acts in public areas of the casino’s grounds.

The CCTV video footage was leaked onto YouTube a few days ago and displayed a number of revealing scenes from the CCTV archive of the Cairn’s Reef Casino Hotel.

Footage includes secretly filmed scenes of dancers getting changed for a performance in the changing rooms, a woman walking past the front of the hotel with her breasts fully exposed, a young lady urinating on the street by the hotel and a couple participating in a sex act on a bench outside the hotel.

The videos have since been deleted from YouTube and the casino is looking into the matter further with a “rogue” employee believed to be at the centre of the leak.

Allan Tan, Chief Executive of Cairn’s Reef Casino Hotel, said “If we identify the rogue employee, there is a criminal case against them for a breach of a confidentiality agreement.”

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and are trying to see if there is a case to answer. If so, then criminal charges will be pressed against any individuals found guilty of copying the footage from the casino’s CCTV archive and leaking it onto the internet.


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