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Sic Bo | Tai Sai | Hi Lo game

Sic Bo | Tai Sai | Hi Lo casino trying to get the right odds

Sic Bo was first played in ancient China, the meaning of Sic Bo is ‘pair of dice’. Ironically, the game is played with three dice and not two. It is a simplistic game that is extremely entertaining, and when first played in ancient China, was played with bricks and plates. Now a cage is used to shake the dice up before rolling them.

In other Asian countries the game of Sic Bo is equally popular, but is sometimes known as Tai Sai, ‘Hi Lo’, ‘Da Siu’ and ‘Lucky Dice’. These are variations of the names that focus on different elements of the game. The game is one of the lesser known games in the casinos in the West, however it is similar to the English game of ‘Grand Hazard’. The popularity of Sic Bo is picking up, and with it now available to play in casinos online, it is getting more recognition.

How to play Sic Bo online
In Sic Bo, the bets are based on the outcome of throwing 3 dice. The dice are placed in a small cage, and the player shakes the cage, and throws the dice on the table.
Betting options can be based on single numbers, or two of a kind, or three of a kind. The maximum odds that are played in Sic Bo can be as large as 180:1. These are rare however, and are only paid out on bets that are a placed on a specific three of a kind. Even money is the lowest kind of payout available in Sic Bo. This is paid out for single number bets.

Small bets and big bets are also options for players Sic Bo. Small bets are placed when players believe the three dice will total a low amount, say between 4 and 10. Big bets are only applied to the three dice totally between 11 and 17.

The online game depicts a table that shows all 50 possible bets that can be made in a game of Sic Bo. It also informs players which payouts are associated with each of the betting combinations. Winning combinations are lit up to make it quite obvious to the players what the winning bets are.

The game of Sic Bo is becoming far more popular in online casinos, with new people trying the game everyday. The variety in the game provides a lot of fun and excitement for the players.


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